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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Maker School: Tuesdays - week 14

Another audacious day at Maker School.  This time it was the Tuesday crew who turned up the productivity.  Having only managed to kinda place one component on our circuit boards last week, we romped ahead and practically finished all of the soldering!

More than this, I was wowed by some inspired moments of 'plan following' and 'component placement'.  My hand-drawn diagram is rough, so to follow it and get the components in the right place and the right way round is rather impressive.  PLUS, no soldering iron burns this week!  The boys really are getting the hang of it.

Mind you, it wasn't all heads-down-hard-work.  A great deal of pleasure was had by all when introduced to a new tool — the eraser of electronics bloopery, the UNDO command of hardware — the Solder Sucker!!

Solder.  Sucker.  Got it?

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