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Friday, 30 March 2012

On the Radio

I’ll was speaking to Murray Norton on BBC Radio Guernsey at around 10:10am this morning.
When I’ve previously been on air with Jenny Kendall-Tobias things have gotten a bit silly – so tune in if you dare!  Thanks Murray.  Get well soon Jenny!
To listen again click here and whizz forward to about 38minutes – after the song “That’s the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it.”

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Maker School: Tuesdays - week 2

With the hope of finishing our projects before the Easter break we pressed on in excitement.  We were joined by a new team member and over snacks talked about how Men greet each other.  We settled on handshakes - after laughing about rubbing noses ..or bottoms!

This week we were into soldering and the reality hit — you can't rush these things.  It soon became apparent that we'd need more time to complete our projects and that trying to expedite was not going to benefit anyone.

As the work progressed - 'tinning' bared wire ends and soldering the buzzer to the battery pack - we got to discuss teamwork.  We decided that if one person goes home with a complete project and everybody else goes home with nothing, that's a failure!  As a consequence, some really co-operative work ensued.  Well done chaps!   [m]

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Maker School is Underway!

Yesterday, Maker School broke new ground in Guernsey, offering kids the opportunity to get their hands on real tools and work on real projects.  We're making a steady hand game.  It's a fairly straightforward project that will involve measuring, sawing, sanding, wire cutting and bending, soldering, batteries, buzzers and playing!  We've got one more week before the end of term so I expect we'll all be done next week.

There were some great questions like "why don't we get an electric shock when we touch the wire?" — we all spent a few minutes working through that one before the answer was found.  Lots of good guesses and deep thinking involved!

It is of course early days, we're still getting used to each other and developing the idea of 'team' but it was a great start and everyone seemed to have a good time.