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Friday, 19 August 2016

The Maker Challenge: Week 5 Review

We spent a while refining our goals for the STAGES of the project that we discussed last week and started creating a shopping list of essential supplies that we will require to achieve STAGE 1

Along the way we came across these different drive units that may be of use. 

We also had a good deal of discussion about the size of boat that we need to fulfil STAGE 1.  A small, 3D printed boat was suggested however we agreed that it might not cope with rough water when we get to STAGE 2 — meaning we'll have to start again.

A hull would be researched, seeking the advise of a local model boating expert as to the size of motor and prop that we will need to achieve 5-10mph cruise speed.

The Maker Challenge: Week 4 Review

We had a guest with us today… Jim Wilkinson, designer, inventor & builder of a wind turbine powered boat.  It was such a privilege to have him join us and add his experience to our project.

We discussed at length the challenges he faced in designing 'Revelation II'.  He explained that it no longer existed but he had answered the questions that he had set out with.

We also started to set out our road map — breaking down the challenge into manageable chunks and discussing the saying: "There's no such thing as a big problem."