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Friday, 6 July 2012

Maker School: Mondays - week 4

We got down to the drilling of holes this week — much to the delight of everyone.  There's something very appealing about making holes.  Importantly, this hole shouldn't go all the way through the wood — it's what's known as a 'blind' hole.  A bit of electrical tape around the drill bit was used as a depth guide.  The entrance of the hole will be taking a screw-head so we countersunk it to make it tidier.

All of the 'wands' got soldered to their wires today and the battery pack was glued down.

Next week is the final assembly and… testing!

This was our first day in our new venue — Le Friquet Garden Centre.  Everything worked out well.  The café served us well with drinks and biscuits to start and the lecture room is a spacious and light.  √

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