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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Maker School is Back!

Starts Monday 10th September 

Now available on Monday, Tuesday and Friday

4-5:30pm at Le Friquet Garden Centre

After much debate, I've decided to move to a maximum of 4 makers per day.  The reason for this is that previously having 5 makers proved awkward for dividing into teams to accomplish tasks.  In the last term, on the days when we had 4 makers, everything flowed a little more easily and they got more out of it.  I'll also be able to spend more time with each maker, and if working in pairs, more time with each team.  This I'm sure will be a good thing.  Consequently, I've had to adjust the price accordingly so Maker School is now £25/week.

Please book online.  As soon as we have 4 sign-ups for a particular day we'll get started.

Due to other activities at Le Friquet we will only be able to run for the first half of this term —giving us 6 weeks together.  If there is sufficient interest I will arrange a short-term venue to see us through to Christmas.