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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fri 14 Sep 12

It's great when everyone gets into a project.  Questions come thick and fast.  Initiative gets exercised.
The Stereo Amplifier project has been enthusiastically received.  The Friday crew were tasked with completing the 'sample build' that had been worked on by the other two teams.  Unfortunately we only got to within a couple of minutes of completion at which point we'd have heard what it sounds like for the first time.

I've since completed the last few solder joints and can happily confirm that it works and makes good sounds.  The next step will be to demonstrate how the speakers produce such radically differing volumes and effects when supported and contained.  It'll get everyone thinking about phase two - the enclosure.

All of our kits have now arrived so this coming week we'll all start our own projects.  Can't wait!

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