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This is Maker School

Have you seen the expression on a child's face the first time they melt metal to make their first solder joint?

Maker School is a weekly after-school club where kids of all ages gather in a small group (max 4) to learn, create and imagine all manner of projects. This regular contact means we can tackle quite involved projects and move at a pace where tools, materials and techniques can be mastered effectively.

We tackle projects involving wood, electronics, plastics, cardboard, drills and saws etc.

Where else will children learn these valuable life skills?  When they are so empowered their creative minds make leaps into ‘what if…?’ and ‘can I…?’

* UPDATE Apr.19:  Maker School is on hiatus until Makerspace is operational

We're also available for parties and events.

For regular sessions, please sign up to the waiting list and we will contact you when we get going again.

Maker School costs £25 per weekly session, payable half-termly in advance.  This includes a drink and a snack and all material costs.