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Friday, 15 April 2016

April 2016 Holiday Week 2

Join Maker School for some holiday workshops — we're mixing things up a bit for week 2!

18-22nd April 2016

10am-12:30pm at The Digital Greenhouse, St Peter Port
£25 per session.  Ages 9+  Spaces limited

Monday Morning Tear-Down

Disassemble. Dismantle. Destroy. Discover!

In a guided and thoughtful way we’ll be breaking the seal on a variety of gear and harvesting the useful parts!  Expect motors, LEDs, magnets and more.
(no mains electricity!)
Tuesday:  Scuttle Robot™ Build

Building Marcel’s cool vibrating robots from scratch.  We’ll be ripping apart DVD drives for their motors, adding batteries and nailbrushes then soldering and hot gluing them into action!

Alert: Hands-on educational fun.
Wednesday: Scuttle Robot™ Wars

Wild robotic action and battles.  If you came to the build session on Tuesday; GREAT!  If not, no problem.  We’ll put one together for you today and everyone will create their own combat body-shell.

Note: take home your Scuttle Robot™
Thursday: Arduino Introduction

Get your feet wet with these remarkably inexpensive little gadgets.  Write your own programs then add sensors and devices to make it do your bidding.  

Absolute beginners welcome.
Friday: Raspberry Pi Introduction

Blow your mind with this pocket-sized supercomputer.  Learn Python programming and connect external devices for some real-world computing.

Absolute beginners welcome.

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