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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Maker School: Tuesdays - week 9

Breadboards and battery-packs mounted on perspex with rubber feet.
Our breadboard prototyping setups are now complete.  We've cut and sanded perspex.  Cut, stripped and soldered header pins onto the battery-pack wires.  Heatshrunk our solder joints and mounted the lot using hot glue and the sticky-fix pad on the back of the breadboard.

Breadboards are a fantastic way to quickly and easily prototype electronic circuits.  Internally, some of the holes are connected together so components that are plugged into the same rows as each other get connected.  It makes it simple to try things out and change components around without the hassle of soldering and de-soldering.  By mounting them alongside a battery pack we have a tidy, integrated solution for project development.  It makes a very handy tool for our ongoing prototyping.

This coming week we're heading straight into circuit building for our Motion Sensing Intruder Alarms.  Hopefully, we'll have them built on the breadboards this week and then start soldering them up on stripboard the following week.

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